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About Us

Empowering Entertainment's mission is to 
deliver the highest quality entertainment products to inspire, motivate and empower billions worldwide.


Slavica Bogdanov, the owner:

I want to make the best possible pictures for people to enjoy worldwide. Inspiring, empowering and thought provoking films that will hopefully mark a few generations to come. 
It's hard to explain how passionate I am about making movies. I can't imagine my life without it. I have never been so much in love with a field of study and work. 
I will do my very best every day and work as hard as needed to rise to the top. 
I hope you will enjoy my creations. Yes, many female lead roles of course as many stories will revolve around women strengths. I want to think that my stories will transcend genders, ethnicity and socio-economic backgrounds and help us all be elevated, grow and pulled forward towards a heightened level of awareness and  overall success. 
Sending you all much love and gratitude.

The Team

The People of Empowering Entertainment 

Slavica Bogdanov



In June 2016, Slavica decided to follow her life long passion for the visual arts and life purpose by diving into screenwriting with even more dedication and hard work than in the past. Believing success can be achieved in anything by following pragmatic steps, working hard and doing ones best, Slavica aimed at delivering the best screenplays possible.

In less than thirteen months, she has written over 12 scripts and already received 34 awards of recognition among which 20 awards for best original screenplays.

Her next goal is to create one of the most prestigious motion picture and entertainment companies by surrounding herself with experts in their fields, dedication and hard work to ensure the highest possible quality while limiting investors' risks as much as possible.

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